Private Brands + With A Purpose

My (Private) Brand Conference 2018

Retailers have long understood the benefits a well curated private brand can bring.

Increased control, Increased margin and the chance to compete with national brands on price, quality and transparency.

But that was then, and this is now. The private brand category is no longer the free for all that it once was for the bravest, most entrepreneurial of retailers.

In an ironic twist, many of the more successful (and sophisticated) private brands are now facing similar challenges to their national brand counterparts.

As the distinctions blur, the more established your private brand becomes, the less you are trusted. The more successful, the less liked.

How then, is a retailer supposed to create meaningful, lasting engagement with such a tough, brand agnostic audience?

United can help. We work with game changers, innovators and visionary leaders. People with the desire and drive to do things differently.

People like you.

We’ll be attending ‘Velocity' The My (Private) Brand Conference at Kimpton Tryon Park, Charlotte NC, September 17th-19th,
networking and connecting with Private Label Brand Directors, CMO’s and Business Owner/Founders.