Retail Rewritten

My (Private) Brand Conference 2018 / Recap

United +Velocity United recently attended Velocity, The My (Private) Brand Conference in Charlotte, NC.

On paper, it was a straightforward gathering of Retail CMO’s and Marketing Directors, brought together to share their unique insights and observations on the fastest growing category in Retail.

What actually took place was something strikingly different. Discussions did not center solely on the commercial opportunities that private brands unlock, nor on the heightened control they offer to retailers. The single most discussed topic of conversation was the perceived ‘tipping point’ the Private Brand category had reached in 2018. National Brands (who have historically dictated the pace of change at Retail) are now regularly being outperformed, outmaneuvered and left behind by their more agile Private Brand counterparts.

You only need look to Amazon, who have quietly built a portfolio of almost 100 successful private brands in under a decade to recognize just how far Private Brand has evolved from it’s earliest beginnings as a 'cheaper alternative’ to National Brands in-store and online.

The consumer experience has been fundamentally rewritten, it's now Retailers and E-tailers - not National Brands who are winning over the hearts and minds of consumers.