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The Founders / Our Background

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Two renowned British Design Executives join forces to create a one of a kind Lifestyle Brand agency.

Prior to forming United Dsn Lawrence & Andy held Director level creative roles with leading global branding agencies in both the UK and the US. They have an impressive 55 years of combined experience developing globally recognized brands across multiple channels of business.

The agency name, United Dsn, is a reference to the United Kingdom, their country of origin, the United States, their now adopted home and most importantly a key tenant of the agency's DNA, the focus on building seamless united partnerships with their clients, casting aside the ‘them and us’ mentality that is still found to this day in typical agency models.

"Andy and I know how important it is to develop engaging meaningful brand stories that articulate a brands unique point of difference. We live in a fast paced interactive world, brands are being created and evolved more than ever; but with this comes similarities and saturation. At United Dsn we ensure that we deliver brand stories and experiences that breakaway from the expected.”
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“Lawrence and I are proud to work in unison with some of the world's most visionary, innovators and disruptors. It’s rewarding to work with people that are seeking a true partnership focused on bringing change. Since 2006 we have sought out like-minded people that are as equally passionate about what they are creating as we are. We continually see the power of this combined intelligence come to the forefront in the sustained growth of the consumer experiences we collectively construct.”

Lawrence Haggerty brings years of experience guiding both brand leaders and design teams in the elevation and education of branding. Having held creative leadership positions at leading agencies, Lawrence brings a seasoned global perspective and depth of creative knowledge.

Andy Johnson uses his vast, diverse experience and proven creative leadership, to create meaningful and engaging brand programs. His energy and level of commitment have been proven time and time again in his development of globally recognized brands and multiple creative awards of excellence.

We build brands.

We secure total brand authority for culturally relevant, like-minded clients. Icons. Game-changers. Disruptors. Visionary people who need objective, forward-thinking brand expertise to support sustainable growth.


The Process


We achieve total brand authority by using an immersive and unflinching approach, guaranteeing that we only ever deliver the truest, most authentic representation of who you are.

Having found a brand’s true DNA, we develop every design and marketing touchpoint required, delivering 360° consumer experiences with a proven track-record of securing key commercial goals.

As well as creating the positioning, the language, the look and the feel, where necessary, we will also help organizations evolve the tools, behaviors and ways of working required to both establish and manage their brands - now and into the future.


1 Audit & Evaluation

We ask the tough questions: what do you really stand for, how should you behave, why are you even here?



This challenging approach enables you to consider things from the point of view of your genuine audience, revealing where you could be going wrong. More importantly, we create the space to identify where you could go right.

United is hired by brand owners to identify the true nature of your brand, then use that knowledge to determine scope of opportunity within your category. This provides a deeper understanding of how to define and hone brand story, as well as establishing an honest, real-world, consumer-focused evaluation of brand equity.

Our unique approach helps organizations facing a variety of business threats. Perhaps you possess a powerful vision in terms of how you want your products or services to be perceived, but don’t know how to bring that to life. Maybe you lack complete understanding of how the market is impacting on you.

We work with clients to confront and conquer any commercial challenges.

Whatever you need us for, we will fully immerse ourselves in your business and your category. We will understand the marketplace, your audience and the competition. We identify crucial cultural and commercial influencers and how your brand should respond and move forward. Then we’ll shine the light back in.

You may think you know your brand best, but looking in from the outside means being able to cut through the smog of familiarity to see patterns, trends and flaws that otherwise get missed.

Ultimately, we build a uniquely connected picture you won’t find anywhere else.


2 Brand Articulation

United is hired by organizations who need to create or reinvent brands to deliver against landmark strategic and commercial objectives.


We do it by visually articulating the true quality and stature of your products, defining the voice, the look and the feel required to unlock untapped market opportunities.

Having identified what’s needed to deliver your goals, we create and reinvent the entire, related brand experience. We’re able to do this so well because we know how to identify precisely what consumer audiences expect, and how to align brand narratives and identities in response. However, we don’t just create visual assets...

Our streamlined, agile approach is designed to be applied at either an enterprise or single product level as required.

We will apply our experience and understanding to support brand owners and teams when developing the tools, behaviors and ways of working required to manage their brand. Our adaptive way of working has been designed to be applied at either a company or single product level.


We understand what’s involved to ensure key marketing initiatives are processed through an organization, be it a hierarchical one where multiple teams are involved, or owner-managed ones where key stakeholders have several levels of involvement at once.

We also know how and where to push back and challenge, without impacting on internal business limitations or priorities.

Category & Consumer insight / Strategy & Planning / Brand Design / Advertising / Marketing / Implementation

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1. Brand Planning
Deep-dive Brand Analysis
Company & Employee Immersion
Consumer Profiling
Competitor Surveillance
Category Insights & Understanding
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2. Brand Creation
Visual & Written Positioning
Brand Innovation
Naming & Nomenclature
Attitude & Language
Brand Identity
Packaging & Structure Design
Retail Experience
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3. Strategic Development
Brand Strategy
Corporate Brand Structure
Brand Hierarchy
Sub-brand Definition
Brand differentiation
Content Marketing
Go-to-Market Strategy
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4. Implementation
Brand Manuals
Brand Guidelines
Ad Campaigns
Trade Show Design
Mobile Design
Digital & Social Media
Brand Collateral
Video Production
Photography and Direction

3 Audience Engagement

We build credibility and trust between you and your audience, through effective ongoing design and design management.



A brand should never stand still. Our relationship with you won’t either.

How to keep placing your brand in the right minds? How to capture attention in a world of millisecond attention spans? This is where the answers are.

With a powerful creative platform in place, organizations look to us for continued support in providing the design and marketing direction required to retain it. In response, we deliver the 360° consumer experiences needed to create maximum awareness, build the biggest communities and drive exponential sales.

This is the creative difference and commercial edge required to meet the most demanding, ongoing business objectives.

How? Having built your brand, we know that it’s crucial equity and consistency are retained. So, we effectively and powerfully communicate your products through every channel, managing your account to meet your ever-developing tactical objectives.

This could include leveraging ongoing ambassador partnerships, developing new retail assets and range extensions, and maintaining the right type of digital presence through social media.

Above all, we help you evolve while preserving your brand’s core DNA and architecture and, ultimately, we become more than just your design agency: we become your trusted partner.

An authority in your space, both now and into the future.


Brand Partnerships.