We build brands.


We secure total brand authority for culturally relevant, like-minded clients. Icons. Game-changers. Disruptors. Visionary people who need objective, forward-thinking brand expertise to support sustainable growth.


United has developed a three-tiered approach for developing 360° consumer experiences, with a proven track record of securing key commercial goals. We can work with you to implement one or all of our development and management programs from audit and evaluation through audience engagement.


The Process


We achieve total brand authority by using an immersive and unflinching approach, guaranteeing that we only ever deliver the truest, most authentic representation of who they are.

Having found a brand’s true DNA, we develop every design and marketing touchpoint required, delivering 360° consumer experiences with a proven track record of securing key commercial goals.

As well as creating the positioning, the language, the look and the feel, where necessary, we will also help organizations evolve the tools, behaviors and ways of working required to both establish and manage their brands - now and into the future.


1 Audit & Evaluation

We ask the tough questions: what do you really stand for, how should you behave, why are you even here?



Adrenaline. Energy. Difference. United is in the business of invention and reinvention. We make your true audience sit up and pay attention. We implement a unique design-delivery process for high energy, cultural relevant consumer brands.

United works with the brands we love, brands we seek out because of what they stand for. We work with innovators, game changers and visionary leaders—people with the desire and drive to do things differently. Ultimately, our goal is not to have “clients” but rather collaborators, colleagues, co-conspirators… friends.

Stories. Substance. Success. We configure your strategy, while identifying key areas wherein we implement creative solutions. We don’t just design—we audit, we deconstruct, we analyze and we challenge. We seek to understand the very nature of why a brand exists, and who it serves. Then through strategy, brand design and storytelling, we define your future. Your future—as the category leader.


2 Brand Articulation

United is hired by organizations who need to create or reinvent brands to deliver against landmark strategic and commercial objectives.



United delivers a complete 360° brand experience. It’s not what you claim to be, it’s how you act that matters. United is an expert in developing every brand touchpoint that the consumer interacts with. Integrating the brand personality, attitude and emotion throughout. We create a total consumer experience, serving to continuously support brand ideals and values.

United doesn’t just deliver “Look and Feel” we unleash attitude, we create emotion. Brands are built on creating emotional connections.

Category & Consumer insight / Strategy & Planning / Brand Design / Advertising / Marketing / Implementation

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1. Brand Planning
Deep-dive Brand Analysis
Company & Employee Immersion
Consumer Profiling
Competitor Surveillance
Category Insights & Understanding
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2. Brand Creation
Visual & Written Positioning
Brand Innovation
Naming & Nomenclature
Attitude & Language
Brand Identity
Packaging & Structure Design
Retail Experience
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3. Strategic Development
Brand Strategy
Corporate Brand Structure
Brand Hierarchy
Sub-brand Definition
Brand differentiation
Content Marketing
Go-to-Market Strategy
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4. Implementation
Brand Manuals
Brand Guidelines
Ad Campaigns
Trade Show Design
Mobile Design
Digital & Social Media
Brand Collateral
Video Production
Photography and Direction

3 Audience Engagement

We build credibility and trust between you and your audience, through effective ongoing design and design management.



Through a process of discovery, brand strategy and design development, we create and deliver the branded tools required to keep your brand moving and connected. We bring your products and customers together in a precise fit.

A brand should never stand still. Our relationship with you won’t either. How to keep placing your brand in the right minds. How to capture attention in a world of millisecond attention spans. This is where the answers are.

We build credibility and trust with your audiences through effective, ongoing design management.

With a powerful creative platform in place, organizations look to us for continued support in providing the design and marketing direction required to retain it. In response, we deliver the 360° consumer experiences needed to create maximum awareness, build the biggest communities and drive exponential sales.

This is the creative difference and commercial edge required to meet the most demanding, ongoing business objectives.

How? Having built your brand, we know that it’s crucial equity and consistency are retained. So, we effectively and powerfully communicate your products through every channel, managing your account to meet your ever-developing tactical objectives.

This could include leveraging ongoing ambassador partnerships, developing new retail assets and range extensions, and maintaining the right type of digital presence through social media.

Above all, we help you evolve while preserving your brand’s core DNA and architecture and, ultimately, we become more than just your design agency: we become your trusted partner.

An authority in your space, both now and into the future.