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Developing greater brand awareness for Ducati USA.


Ducati sought to heighten consumer awareness, brand appeal, and increase its rider base within the premium North American motorcycle categories. To increase unaided brand awareness in the U.S. By 4%.

Key communication points:

- Ducati make a motorcycle for me

- Engage effectively with the individual motorcycle segments and the associated consumer demographics 

- Convey: technology, performance & style appropriately by motorcycle segments

- Differentiate Ducati from the competition

- Strengthen overarching Ducati brand positioning


There is no doubt when it comes to sport motorcycles, Ducati is the thoroughbred, the leader in supersport bikes, high-quality European construction, top speeds, and steeped in status. Ducati embodies the true Italian spirit, the ultimate riding experience.

Its clear that Ducati and the Ducati stable of bikes are visually stunning, there are thousands of beautiful images throughout the internet of the bikes and the associated lifestyle. The bikes are constantly featured in movies and are seen throughout popular culture. However, when it comes to Ducati's portrayal of the brand across its marketing touch-points, the individual attitudes, personalities, style, and inherent beauty of the bikes get lost in translation.

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- The Italian lifestyle and imagery does not translate to the U.S. Market

- There is a level of elitism and unapproachability, that is off-putting to the U.S consumer

- There is no distinct point of difference or clarity around the brand or the different product categories

- The marketing presents mixed, and in some cases, confusing messaging

- The brand presentation has a lack of ethnic diversity

- Each product category needs its own distinct voice while speaking to the overarching Ducati  brand values

The Strategy

Speak to the American audience in a way that the American rider understands. Present the Ducati product portfolio in a manner that resonates with each specific consumer segment.

The approach

To win the hearts and minds of the American rider, we will be the embodiment of what it means to own a motorcycle -The freedom, the adrenaline, the status, the escape, the lifestyle.

Stories of individual’s journeys on their Ducatis, from their point of view.


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Diavel 1260 / 1260S

Product launch.

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Concept Design.

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